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The Battle Warrior Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

Rachel Shumway

Rachel joins the Battle Warrior Podcast and talks about being the owner of The Bad Ass Academy. 

She Is your Life, Weight, Confidence and Badassery coach, and I have a superpower.

She can tell the future and see you, exactly as you want to be 6 months from now.

Walking with strut and sass and sparkle and feeling comfortable in your own skin. With energy and inner strength that comes from pleasing yourself and having your own back, first and foremost.

She knows, you probably think that you are an exception to the rule, that being a badass is too out of reach for you because are struggling with getting by some days.

But those days are what make you special. They do not detract from your badassery.

She wants to share all my tools with you, so that you can skip the drama of learning how to your love oneself by seeking validation from others, and focus on LOVING YOU exactly as you are, right now.





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